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Farki is merely not just a brand. Farki is a heritage we have received from our forefathers. In tradition we have received unique ingredients & it’s perfect blends, sense of taste, quality assurance and customers’ likings. Our duty is how to influence the people with the Heritage called Farki. Here we have learn that the Generations get change, time changes, people gets change, packaging changes, team changes and so on but the thing which has always and will remain same is the Quality.


We Want People to Celebrate the Taste


To Provide Great Taste, Great Quality, Great Hygiene at Fair and Affordable Prices within the Great Ambience


By using innovation in all that we do, we will safely manufacture high quality dairy, non­dairy or traditional foods at a low cost and market those foods so that we become the consumers first choice for quality and value.And we intend to build strong customer relations, improve employee welfare, continue to meet its obligations and increase shareholder value.

Our values
The key to great relationships

Believe in Best


Quality is King


Be Passionate


Expect Taste


Speak Truth

Feel the Taste, Feel the Love